Who We Are

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Our Story

If you hop into our time machine — set the date for 2002.  We were all living in the “DotCom Bust”, where internet companies left and rightwere disappearing from the map.  Tech companies, start-ups and interactive agencies across the country were closing their doors after failing to deliver their promised value to investors.

Enter Mark Price.  After surviving 9 rounds of layoffs in 18 months at an Minneapolis-based CRM agency, Mark decided to take the leap and start his own consulting firm.  He believed 2 things:  that if you deliver value to your clients, they will keep coming back and that his vision and values would attract the best talent and the right kind of clients.  So, despite the turbulent financial environment, he built an organization with consistent, stable growth, a fun but committed team, and a fast but results oriented environment.  15 years later, that mantra is still what we talk about and deliver each and every day.

We are often asked “What does LIftPoint mean?”  Our focus is identifying that unique point where your marketing efforts create a true “lift” in your business.

We believe we are really good at delivering for our clients.  But, how do we know we have been successful?  Repeat clients!  Yes, it’s true, we have client companies who have been with us for ten years or more, and individual clients who have relied on us across 3-4 different career moves.  As they move companies, we move with them.  That’s what happens when we keep delivering value and making our clients look REALLY good!

How We Work:

LiftPoint Consulting is a diverse group of data science and marketing professionals who become immersed in delivering results for their clients. While data is the foundation of everything we do, our commitment to our clients goes far beyond the numbers & insights.

When we partner with an organization, you get more than “9 to 5” and turn-key solutions.  Once we understand your business, you now have the heart and passion of everyone on the LiftPoint team: store visits, grass roots research, tracking competitors and other “behind the scenes” work that you don’t find from other consultants.  That is how we deliver results for our clients.

Our professionalism, energy and industry expertise are all rolled into the results you see when partnering with us.  Our tagline is Data. Driven. Results., but you get so much more with LiftPoint Consulting.

What We Value:

  • Maximize Client Satisfaction 95%
  • Impact Change 85%
  • Drive Incremental Revenue 93%
  • Solve Problems 90%
  • Leverage Cutting Edge Technology 98%
Who We Are at LiftPoint Consulting

Our Culture:

No day at LiftPoint Consulting is ever what you’d expect. You’ll see Data Scientists avidly competing to be the Ping Pong Master, our sock monkey mascot dressed up (usually as one of the partners), and a team lunch that has some strange conversations. Regardless of the weather, you’ll spot jeans and t-shirts, flip-flops (yes, even in the winter), and occasionally a dog or two.

There are frequent happy hours for celebration and commiseration. As a group we spend time cheering on the Minnesota Twins, honing our mini golf skills, carving pumpkins, and competing, sometimes a little too seriously, in holiday costume contests (let’s just say there are trophies involved).

All of this might sound too good to be true, but what really matters is that we are a “professional family” that cares about each other.  If you don’t believe us, stop by on someone’s birthday and hear our managing partner singing “Happy Birthday” as if he were an opera singer.

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