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Discovery & Identification:

We understand that your business – its culture, constraints, and data – is unique, so your solutions should be too. We customize best practice approaches to fit your specific needs.

During this critical phase, we get to know you through interviews of key stakeholders to pinpoint the KPI’s to impact and improve. We then begin documenting solution requirements – exactly what you need to be successful – staying in lock-step with you to ensure that we have captured the highest priority needs.

Solution Design & Development:

Our team designs the solution that’s best for you, starting with your data and ending with expected ROI. Our recommendation is designed to meet your time table and budgetary requirements while delivering a sustainable and scalable solution.

Once we have our plan of attack, we review it with the key stakeholders on your team – blending feedback from marketing, IT, and analytics. Our goal is to make sure everyone is heard and gives a “thumbs up” with the project before we move forward. Then, we assign your team of experts and it’s go time!

Execution & Build:

Now it’s time to start building your solution, using a flexible and iterative approach. We minimize surprises and incorporate your feedback throughout the process – removing the failures associated with a “big reveal”. Our work includes multiple quality assurance reviews – we make sure the work is done on time, accurately, and exceeds expectations.

As good partners, we provide frequent updates so you’ll always know where the project is from a timeline, budget, and progress perspective, keeping you “in the know”.

Results, Recommendations, & Insights:

Analysis is thrown in the garbage if it does not lead to clear, actionable insights. We spend time understanding what your executional capabilities are, and then tailor our insights and recommendations to ensure that you will be able to turn them into marketing actions using available software and technology.

Since we don’t just like to hear ourselves talk and we believe our recommendations must be useful and actionable, we present the findings in a highly visual approach. We use dashboards and visualization to provide you with the tools to share the insights across the organization in a clear and effective manner.


Execution & Measurement

A critical step for the acceptance of marketing programs is measurement. In order for your measurement to be widely accepted in the organization, we will spend time with key stakeholders in other departments to gain agreement on measurement structure and format.  But we promise, no appearances from the sock monkey!

Throughout the process, we provide you with interim performance updates and measurements, which are all compiled into the final report. Along the way we recommend changes to ensure your results are as strong as possible.

Our reporting doesn’t end when the program launches. Our team constantly monitors performance and industry trends to help your success continue.

Knowledge Transfer & Training:

Cleansed data, cutting edge technologies, and new analysis are only effective if your team knows how to use them. During this phase, we make sure you and your team are fully trained, know how to read and work with data, and can fully leverage the new systems and tools we have put into place.

We also provide documentation around how we analyzed your data – fields we used, filters applied etc. – to ensure you fully understand what you’re looking at. Nothing is “black box”.

Our goal is to make sure you are 100% successful implementing and maintaining your new solution.

Problems We Solve

I don't know who my best customers are
In order to identify who your best customers are, our data scientists jump right into the data. We analyze variables to determine what is indicative of behavior, then segment into groups based on those variables – including purchasing behavior – to identify the smallest percentage of your customers who make up the largest percentage of your sales. Then we provide recommendations on how to effectively target that segment, and some advice on how to get customers who fall in other segments to migrate to a higher-value segment.
We have a disconnect between our marketing strategy and execution
Marketing execution fails to meet strategy when “the real world” kicks in – either a lack of technology, resources or skills to achieve the agreed-upon goals.  We work to help bridge those gaps.  With experience in a broad range of technologies, we have the ability to help you achieve the key goals of your marketing strategy. We do this in a way that trains your team at the same time, so you don’t have to stay dependent.
We can't combine our customer data to use for marketing purposes
We specialize in combining different data sets quickly and efficiently in order to drive analysis to produce insights that can lead to actions. Our team quickly determines how to link different databases together using various data science techniques, and utilizes our prebuilt algorithms to complete that linkage in a short amount of time. Once the linkage is complete, we evaluate data quality and identify the most valuable records to use in the short-term. Then marketing analysis and planning can take place.
Our email marketing isn't effective
Email marketing is usually not effective when there is an issue with targeting, timing, or offers.  Our marketing campaign management approach is to develop a solid test plan, that can permit you to gain insight into which consumers (targeting) respond when (timing) and to which promotions (offers).  By developing and executing a systematic plan, you can build a base of learning over time that will increase the return on email marketing by 30% or more.
We need to find new customers in order to grow
In order to grow a customer base, two things need to happen – 1). you need to retain the vast majority of your highly valuable customers and 2). you need to add customers who resemble those best customers. Enter data science! Our segmentation approach identifies unique characteristics of best customers and applies those characteristics to your prospect base. Then you can prioritize prospecting efforts to invest more money in prospects who have the greatest chance of becoming best customers.
Our reporting is slow, manual, and difficult to keep updated
Many companies are stuck in a quagmire where reporting requires the full-time effort of several analysts over multiple days. Our approach is to identify the data sources necessary for reporting and develop automated scripts to load key information into dashboards that have been customized for you. Those dashboards can then be distributed across the organization quickly and efficiently. This approach effectively “democratizes the data” permitting greater action on insights across different departments and often different locations.
We can't determine if our direct mail is impacting sales
Determining the impact of specific marketing efforts, such as direct mail, is a major challenge facing organizations today. Our approach is to determine “a window of impact” – a time period when direct mail has impacted sales statistically. We also conduct attribution analysis when there are several marketing vehicles that may have impacted customers at the same time. This analysis permits us to truly reflect the impact of different vehicles on a customer’s purchase decision.

Data Science

Marketing Campaign Management

Reporting & Visualization

Cloud Computing & Data Warehousing

What Our Clients Are Saying
Over my 20 years in marketing, I have never met a firm like LiftPoint Consulting. Their ability to provide rapid analysis, thinking and answers to key business questions in a way that is actionable and measurable has made them an integral part of my team. Ron Stoupa

Former Chief Marketing Officer, Sports Authority

The LiftPoint team has become an invaluable extension of our CRM & Analytics team. They are quick to deliver, always have our best interest in mind, and bring industry expertise at critical times.

  David Sommers

Head of Enterprise Insights & Analytics, Advance Auto Parts

I’ve worked with LiftPoint for over 10 years. They have helped me develop important analyses that have influenced my marketing strategies and data-driven results. LiftPoint Consulting focuses on ensuring that we can implement their findings, which has helped us go from analysis to action faster than expected. Stan Lippelman

Vice President of Marketing, Bass Pro Shops

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