Marketing Campaign Management

We Get to Know Your Customers

Our marketing and data science teams delve into your customer data to get to know your audience. We analyze purchasing behavior, engagement with previous marketing efforts, and demographic information to truly understand what compels them to interact with your brand and make a purchase.

And We Speak Their Language through Marketing Campaigns

We develop a marketing campaign strategy that targets your audience based on their unique identifiers – location, previous purchases, segment – with customized content. That plan includes everything from design and copy through timing, testing, and measurement and everything in between. We excel at balancing these efforts across digital, email, and direct mail channels, regardless of the tools you use.

That Strive to Improve ROI and Increase Engagement.

Each campaign is developed with the goal of increasing customer engagement, and improving the ROI of your marketing efforts. As campaigns are executed we constantly monitor, measure, and optimize campaigns to improve as we go. The end result? Successful campaigns, with a plan of how to best target your customers going forward.

Marketing Campaign Management | LiftPoint Consulting

Deeper Insight into Engagement Drivers

Outstanding Email & Direct Mail Performance

Measurable Results Driven by Data Insights

Database Management without IT Dependency

Our team can manage your marketing campaign efforts every step of the way. We specialize in designing the best strategy to target the right audiences, developing effective designs & content, adhering to technical sending best practices, measuring the right metrics, and optimizing design as we go.

We have experience in the following tools/softwares:

  • ExactTarget 1.0 and 2.0
  • Hubspot
  • Constant Contact
  • Epsilon
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (including Journey Builder & Automation Studios)
  • ActOn Software
  • Adobe

When it comes to marketing strategy development, we start with your goals and work our way backwards to create a comprehensive plan of how to achieve them.  Whether it’s increased engagement, improved conversion rate, or bringing your marketing into the 21st century, we can help you be successful.

Audience Identification

During strategy development, we analyze your customer database to segment your customers into like groups based on behaviors and purchasing patterns. This allows for more personalized, effective messaging and can reduce send costs and risk of IP blacklisting.

Marketing Mix Selection & Planning

We pinpoint what marketing mix will be the most effective, and identify how messages on different channels will complement one another. Then, our team of experts develops a content calendar to ensure your consumers aren’t being hit on multiple channels too often.

Testing Plan

As part of your marketing campaign management and strategy, we also develop a testing plan – from button color and subject lines, down to time of day and preheader text and everything in between. We want to know what compels each of your audiences to interact and convert.

Once the strategy is put into place, we begin design and development.

Content Development

Our team of marketers loves to write. From compelling subject lines and informative pre-headers, down to the nitty gritty of a footer and disclaimers (and everything in between) we do it all. We focus on the voice of your brand, and what has been successful in your marketing in the past, to craft a compelling, informative message for your consumers. As often as possible, we include personalization (whether it be name, location, organization name, or even past purchases and imagery) to help increase relevancy.

Aesthetic Design

Once content is ready, we move on to designing the canvas it renders on. Each and every detail gets special attention. We ensure that everything from the background color and button placement, to fonts and images adhere to sending best practices and are as eye-pleasing as possible.

When it comes to email, our team also designs a mobile version, ensuring that your message looks perfect across devices.

We focus on the technical so you don’t have to. During configuration we:

Develop the Code

Our team of marketers develops the code for your marketing material – both print and digital. We follow all best practices to ensure special characters render properly, send requirements (such as CAN SPAM) are met, and sizing is appropriate to the medium.

Verify File Type

We ensure all images are the appropriate file type for sending and high-quality rendering. When using third party print vendors, we work with them to deliver their preferred file format, and all assets required to complete the configuration process.

Check IP Health

As part of our configuration process, we verify the health of your IP address. Our team has years of experience in warming IPs, [need more content here]

Pull Distribution Lists

Give us access to your database and we’re in heaven. We’ll pull distribution lists, create seed lists for internal team members, and calculate/extract samples from testing populations.

Test Everything

Our team tests every marketing material on all appropriate platforms. Whether it’s Android and iPhone, various browsers, different print sizes, or dynamically generated content – we’ll check it all, to make sure everything is perfect before you and your customers see it.

Now it’s time to send! Our team manages all aspect of material launch, from scheduling, sending, troubleshooting, and monitoring.

We begin launching according to day and time best practices, but optimize throughout campaigns based on customer response. But, we don’t just set it and forget it. We constantly check-in with the different platforms and vendors to ensure sending went smoothly, and errors are nonexistent. If any hiccups occur, we dive right in to troubleshooting and alternative solutions to ensure your message reaches the appropriate consumers at the right time.


We track revenue and email metrics down to the individual email level. We measure things such as:

  • Subject lines that compelled the most opens
  • Button colors and text that resulted in the most clicks
  • Conversion rates of each audience
  • Revenue by email number or direct mail piece
  • ROI of each marketing material
  • Best day of week, and time of day to distribute marketing materials

We also track against your KPIs and overall goals in order to measure the success, and ROI, of your marketing efforts.


As we see the results, we begin optimizing the content, design, and launching of your campaigns. We constantly test, tweak, and improve your campaigns to deliver the best results possible.

Problems We Solve

Our clients face a broad range of challenges. Below we have listed some of the most common ones, and high-level approaches to addressing them. If you’re facing something that isn’t listed, feel free to contact a member of our leadership team.

Why am I getting so much returned mail?

LPC is connected to deliver the top service in list hygiene, CASS Certification and NCOA processes. We can be flexible on how to handle your data or work with your IT teams to ensure you’re not sending to bad, out-of-date addresses.

What is a strong delivery rate for my email campaigns?

Email campaign delivery is very different by industry and whether you are a B2B or B2C company. But, no worries, we are connected with all industry benchmarks and also how to help you achieve these results.

Why do AOL and Yahoo keep giving me fits in my email performance?

We have extensive experience managing the IP reputation and inbox delivery rates with all of the major ISP’s.  Some ISP’s are more “sensitive” than others, but no worries, we can get you to white-listed status.

Is having a responsive email important?

55% of email is read on a mobile device* (Litmus “Email Analytics” March 2016), so needless to say, mobile responsive emails is absolutely critical.  We understand that dynamic and are there to help you make the leap into Mobile.

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