Hal Licino, in a post for Email Insider, talks about some fascinating ways that QR codes are being used in marketing. I was not aware of these applications — I knew that some people had tested QR codes in print ads, on TV and in-store, but had never seen it applied in email.

QR codes, for those who might not be in the know yet, are square bar-code like symbols that you can read with a camera or a mobile device (usually a smart phone). When those codes are read by your device, the code most frequently gives you information or takes you to a specific web site.

The most innovative use I see in this article for QR codes is to take your best customers to special private sale members-only web pages. What a great way to promote access as a privilege for your most valued customers.

Check out the other ways QR codes are being used in marketing and decide if you want to test them in your next email campaign. I can tell you, we will be recommending tests to our clients.

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Email Marketing & QR Codes: 5 Ways To Use Them Together

If the UPC code was the salient product symbol icon of the last century, the QR code will surely represent the 21st century. This two-dimensional matrix barcode is universally readable by camera or scanner-equipped mobile devices, and is becoming so prominent it is featured on everything from magazine pages to billboards.

With the increasing popularity of mobile web access, QR codes are becoming an integral component to any successful email marketing strategy. Here are five ways to apply the synergy between email and QR codes to your brand’s benefit.

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