Data Security

LiftPoint Consulting takes data security extremely seriously.  Both for our clients and ourselves, we work hard to make sure that only the people that need to access your data for legitimate business purposes have access.  We have worked tirelessly to ensure that we meet or exceed all of the requirements for the HITRUST FRC and PCI certifications. We use industry standards including ISO 27001, ISO27002 and NIST 800 when building out our processes and best practices. The core of our IT practice is based on ITIL.  Our IT team works hard to ensure no one can gain access to your data unless you want them to.  We take data security serious.

What does this mean to you?

  • You can feel confident that your data will be secure
  • Nobody will get access to your PII data
  • Nobody will get access to your transactional data, including credit cards
  • Nobody will get access to your HIPPA data
  • We utilize a multi-layered approach to security to ensure that only people with a need-to-know have access to your data

For information on the certifications or standards we use as part of our data security plan please see the following links




HIST 800