Data Science

We are Data Transformers

Our data science team has developed a set of processes and techniques to transform your data – no matter the size, complexity, or hygiene – into a story. A story that is easy to manage, actionable, and inspiring.

Whose Expertise Lies in Cutting Edge Techniques

Applied mathematics. Programming. Machine Learning. These are the things we do for fun on the weekend (we’re not kidding). As a result, our experts have identified cutting edge approaches to process and analyze data quickly and efficiently. Meaning you get faster and more actionable insights from your data.

That Bridge the Gap Between Advanced Analytics & Marketing Strategies

We don’t stop there. Once your data is processed and analyzed, we develop the story with the best part: your lift points. These are areas of potential where a few changes can help you better understand your consumers and provide an incremental lift to revenue. Our goal is to help you answer business questions quickly, using all available data, without you spending hours “deep in the weeds”.

to Provide an Incremental Lift and Better Customer Relationships 

Our team develops data-driven recommendations for each lift point. These recommendations are designed to increase marketing effectiveness and customer experiences. Ultimately, we impact your bottom line. That’s what we do – Data.Driven.Results.






Data Science Visual Example

Simplify & Organize Your Customer Data

Provide Actionable & Measurable Solutions

Paint a Holistic Picture of Your Consumers


Leverage Real-time Data for Real-time Results

Our highly advanced data science team specializes in designing algorithms to predict behavior and segment your prospects and consumers. We focus on “Ensemble Learning” Machine Learning techniques to maximize predictive results, and deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

We design algorithms that grow, improve, and learn on their own. As the algorithm gets new data, the results will continue to improve. Overall your incremental lift in sales and revenue will be exponential to standard modeling.

Here are some examples of things that we have done with Machine Learning:

  • Digital Attribution
  • Lead Scoring
  • Dynamic Customer Segmentation
  • Real-time Personalized Email Content
  • Response Modeling
  • Natural Language Processing

If you have questions, please contact a member of our leadership team.

“All customers are not created equal.” Segmentation is the foundation of understanding the differences between your customers. Leveraging behavioral and third party data, we are able to organize your consumers into like groups to help optimize and focus your marketing strategy.


  • Identifies your most valuable customers, highlighting retention and upsell opportunities
  • Pinpoints customers that most resemble your high-value customers, and are likely to migrate
  • Optimizes marketing spend using customer targeting, and demonstrates where dollars could potentially be wasted
  • Organizes like customers based on purchase behavior and other similarities

At LiftPoint Consulting, we utilize all available data to segment your customers. As a result, we are able to determine the factors driving customer behavior – some of which are likely to surprise you. We produce actionable recommendations based on these segments that result in an incremental lift to sales.


Predictive Modeling optimizes the performance of marketing initiatives, by analyzing data with standardized statistical techniques.


  • Leverage historical customer behavior to predict future actions
  • Delivers greater results than only heuristic analysis
  • Identifies customers likely increase their value over time – presenting opportunities for growth
  • Pinpoints where marketing spend should be increased or reduced to maximize ROI

Predictive modeling can significantly improve your marketing efficiency and overall results. We have the marketing analytic expertise that allows us to leverage your data quickly, minimizing the time until your programs launch, helping you realize results faster.

We specialize in presenting answers to complex business questions in simple, actionable dashboards. Our expertise lies in working with massive quantities of disparate data, to present clear, visual insights that you can take action on. We focus on the key metrics you need to drive your business and work backwards to pinpoint data feeds, sources, and metrics.

Benefits of Reporting & Visualization:

  • Receive an at-a-glance view of performance and revenue
  • Drives consistency on critical metrics across the organization
  • Easily share results across the organization – from IT and Finance to Marketing and Analytics – “democratizing the data”
  • Rapidly deploy reporting regardless of complexity and volume of data

Our Data Science team is highly advanced in traditional data warehousing, cloud computing, and rapid data processing and analytics, regardless of data size and complexity. We have decades of experience in complicated, fuzzy matching and database design.

We assign a highly specialized team to your data warehouse in order to be as reactive as possible. Our rapid response time ensures you get the information you need, when you need it.


  • Reduce preparation and processing time of data
  • Speed up delivery of insights
  • Receive quick answers to your business questions
  • Personalized, engaged team dedicated to your data

Whether you need data stored temporarily, or longer-term, we have the technology and approach to suit your business needs, often complimenting your IT efforts.

      Software Expertise:
  • Tableau
  • SQL Server
  • Qlik
  • Hadoop Technology Stack
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
      Programming Languages:
  • Python
  • R
  • SAS
  • Matlab
  • Apache Spark
  • Hive
  • Pig
  • Other Open Source Technologies

Problems We Solve

Our clients face a broad range of challenges. Below we have listed some of the most common ones, and high-level approaches to addressing them. If you’re facing something that isn’t listed, feel free to contact a member of our leadership team.

Our in-house segmentation is sufficient for our needs.

We utilize a broad range of behavioral and descriptive data to build more representative segments – going above and beyond traditional buyer/non-buyer, or demographic segmentations. These comprehensive segments provide you with valuable insight into your customers critical attributes – insights that will help you take action.

While basic segmentation has likely functioned acceptably, our analytics team can help you take your results to the next level by painting a new, holistic picture of your customers and their behavior.

We don't know what to predict with our customers, or how it will help.

Predictive marketing is the future of the marketing industry. By predicting which customers are likely to exhibit which behaviors, you can increase relevancy, engagement and ROI with your marketing campaigns.

During the discovery phase, we will assist you in identifying areas where behavior prediction can improve performance such as:  response rates, repeat purchases, customer lifetime value, retention, and cross-purchase.

Once we identify which metrics to improve, we dive into your data and begin the predictive modeling process. At the end of the project, we will provide a rank-ordered list of customer groups based on what we’re predicting (for example those who respond the best, or purchase the most), along with recommendations on how to act on those groups and their predicted behavior.


We don't have support in our organization for advanced analytics.

We get it – advanced analytics can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Advanced analytics can accomplish some spectacular things, especially when it comes to your bottom line. Part of our job as your partner is to meet with key stakeholders in different departments – IT, legal, finance, accounting, marketing – to level the playing field. We ensure everyone is on the same page, and understands the benefits of your project before we begin.

The rest of our job is to make advanced analytics seem less scary than the ghost hiding under your bed. We walk through every step of the process together – from data sources we’re using, variables we’re analyzing, all the way through to insight development, to ensure you’re comfortable. You choose the level of detail we communicate to you – the granularity of data relationships and statistical significance testing or the 10,000 foot view of our process, helping minimize the overwhelming nature of analytics.


We have huge quantities of data and many sources, but aren't answering any business questions.

When working together, we start with your business question, and work backwards into the data. We identify which data is relevant, the quantities needed, and where the information comes from.

For some projects, we analyze all the data you have. For others, there are key pieces of information that are needed and the rest is set aside. Our data science team uses the most cutting-edge techniques that allow us to analyze any amount of data, and identify the key pieces to your analysis, quickly and efficiently.

We are highly specialized in machine learning, which offers a more in-depth and complete look at your data, and more powerful predictive models to answer business questions. In addition, we also offer data warehousing and cloud computing services to help manage and analyze your data.

We have tons of data, but still don't understand who our customers are or how to appeal to them.

Our team has many years of experience analyzing demographic, purchase, and behavioral information – making us experts in understanding your customers. Figuring out how to combine many data sources – even those that seem impossible to join – is one of our favorite activities.

During our analysis we consider all available data to paint a holistic view of your customers. Once we develop an understanding of your customers – what compels them to engage, what motivates a purchase, and how often they’re likely to purchase – we develop a contact plan, down to the email and/or direct mail level, on how you can improve your marketing campaigns.

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