Cloud Computing & Data Warehousing

We are Warehouse Constructors 

Houses aren’t one size fits all, so why should your data warehouse be? Our team believes in constructing your solution from the ground up. We start with existing data and their sources, and dive into what you’ll use the warehouse for. Once we have a blueprint for size, connecting sources, and storage locations – onsite or in the cloud. We customize your solution to make it as easy as possible for you, and your teams, to use.

Who Have Their Heads in the Clouds 

Large quantities of data. Rapid speeds. Guaranteed security. These are the conditions that make our data scientists grin from ear to ear. Together, we have developed processes and approaches to cloud computing that process massive quantities of data, at rapid speeds, as securely as possible. Whether your data is stored in a warehouse, or the cloud itself, our team loves having their “heads in the cloud”.

and Bring You Faster Results, Deeper Insights, and Peace of Mind. 

Gone are the worries about levels of data security, and backed-up data – we build them in from the start. Now we get to focus on analyzing your data to bring you faster results, deeper insights, and recommendations that can impact your bottom line as quickly as possible.








Cloud Computing & Data Warehousing | LPC

Customize Your Data Warehouse


Reach the Highest Levels of Security

Customize Data Permission Levels

Receive Faster Analytics & Insights

Analyzing massive quantities of data at rapid speeds without sacrificing security – sounds like you have your head in the clouds 🙂

Well, we definitely do. Cloud computing is designed for analyzing immense quantities of data. Even better, the cloud can run those analytics at lightning fast speeds (no pun intended), bringing you results and insights faster than traditional analysis. Data security, our top priority, is also a huge benefit of cloud computing.

Your data isn’t stored in the cloud? No problem, we can still leverage cloud computing to speed up your analysis. Our data scientists will work with you to outline what that process looks like, and the timeframe around it, making sure you’re as comfortable as possible before we begin. They are fully versed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, allowing them to choose the best solution for your needs.

We excel at building highly customized data warehousing solutions to fit your needs. Whether for reporting and visualization, analytics, marketing campaigns, or other data uses, we can develop the design that’s best for you. Below is a brief description of how we build your customized warehouse:

  • Understand Your Needs: We start with understanding the goals of your data warehouse: a “source of truth” for consumer data, analysis across multiple data sources, monthly reporting, etc. Our goal is to help you achieve yours.
  • Identify Data Elements and Sources: Once we understand the uses and needs of the data warehouse, we move onto the data. Our data scientists identify key data elements to include in your warehouse, where those elements are currently stored, and how to combine them into one warehouse.
  • Design Warehouse Specs: We make recommendations on size, refresh cadence, storage locations etc., and provide documentation so you’ll always know how things are working. Once we are all on the same design page, we start building.
  • Develop Initial Prototype Warehouse: We always start with a prototype – we want to make sure the design fits your needs, makes sense to you, and works with your data. Throughout this iterative process, we make changes and optimize the design to ensure the solution fits your needs as perfectly as possible.
  • Build Full Data Warehouse: Now it’s go time. We build your full data warehouse according to the specs and requirements we’ve discussed to-date. Then our teams go through an intensive and exhaustive design QA process – testing everything from functionality and refresh success to overall performance, extractions, and everything in between. We deliver your solution when it’s fully functional, and satisfies everything you need.

Using a data warehouse means your data is always secured, organized into one easy-to-use location, and is always up-to-date.


Problems We Solve

Our clients face a broad range of challenges. Below we have listed some of the most common ones, and high-level approaches to addressing them. If you’re facing something that isn’t listed, feel free to contact a member of our leadership team.

We don't know what data we have, or where it's located

Companies collect customer data from many, many disparate sources. It’s no wonder the vast majority don’t know where everything is stored, or even what they have!

That’s where we come in. Before we design your data warehouse, we inventory your data. We track the data elements you have, where they’re stored, and how they’ll fit into the final solution – creating a data map that’s easy for you to manage and reference. Then, we combine all of those disparate sources into one data warehouse, creating a one-stop-shop for your information. The unmanageable just became manageable.

We're not sure how to use data from many sources to answer a single question

Our data warehouse solutions solve this problem with ease. They combine your data sources – no matter how disjointed – into one warehouse, giving you one source to answer questions from. Our data scientists have years of experience in sophisticated fuzzy match algorithms that match seemingly unmatchable data sources.

When we design your data warehouse, we start with the questions you want answered and work our way backwards, ensuring that your warehouse gives you the answers you need.

Our data is too massive to run analytics in-house

You have the data. You don’t have the bandwidth, nor the necessary technology. Or the luxury of time.

No problem, because we do. Our data scientists are extremely well versed in cloud computing – a practice that analyzes massive quantities of data, at rapid speeds, in an extremely secure environment. Just give us your analytic needs, and we’ll provide the data and results for you.

We have highly-sensitive data, so we can't use the cloud

This is a common misconception about the cloud. Your data is actually extremely secure in the cloud, and at less of a risk of being lost. Cloud storage companies use state of the art security measures to guarantee the safety of your data. Some of the largest technology companies in the world use the same cloud storage that we do, for the same reason.

We also meet the data security standards of HITRUST certification, guaranteeing that your data is as secure as possible.

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