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Email Marketing | LiftPoint Consulting

85% of retail marketers use email

yet only 62% personalize email in any way.


Data Warehousing | LiftPoint Consulting


the number of marketing technologies deployed in the average company. Each of which spit out tons of data.


Machine Learning | LiftPoint Consulting

Maximize Predictive Results

and realize an incremental lift in both sales & revenue.


Better Understand Your Customers

Learn what compels your customers to engage, what tweaks can make a measurable impact on your bottom line, and how to develop a stronger, long-term relationship.

Increase Marketing Effectiveness

From direct mail to email and everything in between, we help you develop the perfect strategy, design, content, and execution of your marketing campaigns to result in the best performance possible. Then we measure, and improve to constantly improve your ROI.

Leverage Real-Time Analytics & Insights

Have the answers to any questions you’re asked, always know how your business is doing, and identify real-time tweaks to make to continue growing your bottom line.

Improve Your Customer Experience

Personalized marketing can create a better experience for your consumers and ultimately help drive additional sales. From the color of your buttons, structure of your content, to dynamic offers we can help optimize your ecommerce experience.

Utilize Machine Learning

Machine learning can help you analyze massive quantities of data, from unlimited sources, at rapid speeds. Even better, it continually improves based on new and different data.

Organize Your Data into a Warehouse

Sometimes data can seem like an insurmountable mountain that’s easier just left untouched. We can help you conquer that mountain by making your data manageable, easier to understand, and keep constantly updated.

Learning about your customers has never been so much fun.


Problems We Solve

We don't know who our best customers are.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, one of your customers is worth oh so much more. In order to paint you a holistic picture of who they are, our data scientists jump right into the data.

They analyze variables to determine what is indicative of behavior, segment into groups based on those variables, and identify the smallest percentage of your customers who make up the largest percentage of your sales.

Then we brainstorm recommendations on how to effectively target your best customers, and some advice on how to get customers who fall in other segments to migrate to a higher-value segment.

Our marketing strategy and execution are disjointed.

Our marketing team excels at bridging the gap between strategy and execution. With experience in a broad range of technologies, we have the ability to help you achieve the key goals of your marketing strategy, in ways that train your team so you don’t have to stay dependent. Learn about our marketing campaign management services, that help ensure you’re successful every step of the way.

We need to find new customers in order to grow

In order to grow a customer base, two things need to happen – 1). you need to retain the vast majority of your highly valuable customers and 2). you need to add customers who resemble those best customers. Our segmentation approach identifies unique characteristics of best customers and applies those characteristics to your prospect base. Then you can prioritize prospecting efforts to invest more money in prospects who have the greatest chance of becoming best customers.


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Data Security | LiftPoint Consulting

Data Security


PCI Standards Met



HITRUST Standards Met


We put your data security first, and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We ensure your data is safe, secure, and only people with a need-to-know have access to your data (which excludes ninjas). Learn more about our data security standards.

Over my 20 years in marketing, I have never met a firm like LiftPoint Consulting. Their ability to provide rapid analysis, thinking and answers to key business questions in a way that is actionable and measurable has made them an integral part of my team.

Ron Stoupa

Former CMO, Sports Authority

The LiftPoint team has become an invaluable extension of our CRM & Analytics team. They are quick to deliver, always have our best interest in mind, and bring industry expertise at critical times.


David Sommers

Head of Enterprise Insights & Analytics, Advance Auto Parts

I’ve worked with LiftPoint for over 10 years. They have helped me develop important analyses that have influenced my marketing strategies and data-driven results. LiftPoint Consulting focuses on ensuring that we can implement their findings, which has helped us go from analysis to action faster than expected.

Stan Lippelman

Vice President of Marketing, Bass Pro Shops